Ch 3 HW & Tutorials

Listen to the TUTORIALS before doing the projectile homework!

The following two pencasts take you step by step through solving standard projectile problems with a launch angle.

The first problem illustrates a ball starting and ending at the dame level, no net displacement in y. Study this one very well because the ideas apply to ALL similar problems!

HOW TO SOLVE... Launch with angle but Dy = 0m

The second problem has a ball being launched at an angle off of a cliff. This one is important to study as well to see the way to handle the first portion vs. the non-symmetric second portion of the flight.

HOW TO SOLVE... Launch with angle but Dy is NOT zero (launch off of cliff)

HW Hints P. 64 QQ 3.5 & 3.6 and P. 68 Ex 3.6 and Q 3.6

HW Solutions P. 64 QQ 3.5 & QQ 3.6

HW Solutions P. 68 Q 3.6 and Ex 3.6

HW Hints P. 68 Ex 3.8 and Q 3.8

HW Solutions P. 69 Q 3.8 and Ex 3.8

HW Solutions P. 75 MC # 9 -13

HW Solutions P. 78 # 24 & 30

HW Solutions P. 79-80 # 38, 54, & 58